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18. Spezialausstellung der OG Asse

2017Posted by Wheatens Golden Heart Tue, March 21, 2017 01:58:41


What a day ... and what a dog ... Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi took everything he could.

EXC1, CAC VDH & CAC KfT and BOB under the judge Torsten Lemmer (BG). It was his last VDH CAC and KfT CAC he needed to complete the VDH and DE Champion.
In the finals he was just gorgeous ... He behaved even better in a super crowded group final and became "Best long legged Terrier" under the judge Falk Siewert (DE).

After this Best in Show KfT and Paparazzi showed his heart out again and I couldn’t have been more happier when the judge Falk Siewert (DE) said his name for Best in Show KfT! I nearly cant breath for happiness. What an outstanding and handsome and showy wonderboy.
Thank you so much for judging my little crazy guy and let him go so far. Also a big thank you to Falk Siewert (DE) for his lovely words about Paparazzi and to Torsten Lemmer (BG) for his brilliant humor.
Last but not least a BIG thank you to Anita and Peter and Malin Lindahl for this outstanding boy.