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Brittany moves into her new home

2016Posted by Wheatens Golden Heart Sun, October 09, 2016 22:28:32

Mixed feelings because our last pup called Brittany moved into her new home today. Since two years her new family waited for their little ISCWT pup. Since Miss Orange was born they already counted the days down and today the big day finally arrives. Brittany will live in Poland near Katowice.

Brittany was our puppy No. 1 and got the colour orange. Visually she is a copy of her mum Oda, in temper and behavior she is completely like her daddy Paparazzi😍 It was such a pleasure to see her growing up.

Best of luck sweet little Brittany and make your new family just as happy as you have made us. You will change their life ... very special Britt. I am really heartbroken and we all will terribly miss her. But she got the best family we could ever find for her.