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VDH Junior Champion

September 2015Posted by Wheatens Golden Heart Fri, September 25, 2015 12:16:36

Woooohoooo now it is official ... our Paparazzi is VDH Junior Champion.

DE + VDH + PL JunCH, German Junior Winner Tejarpsdalens Paparazzi *16-09-2014*

Sire: C.I.B., SEUCH, DKUCH, NOUCH, KBHV-12, KBHV-13, DKV-13, DKV-14 Extra´s Esquire

Dam: SE UCH, DK UCH, KBHV-2013 Tejarpsdalens Nike

Paparazzi turned 1 today

September 2015Posted by Wheatens Golden Heart Thu, September 17, 2015 00:46:54

Our priceless Paparazzi turned 1 today. Time goes by way to fast! He still makes us laugh everyday with his kooky personality! Paparazzi .... it means pure joy, endless entertainment, unconditional love, goofiness, wheaten greetings, wet nose-slobbery kisses & bed hogging ...

Thank you for all the laughter, love and craziness you bring to our family on a daily bases ... Would not have it any other way!

Happy 1 year Barkday to our most precious furry muppet! And thank you so much Anita & Peter for that most handsome, naughtiest and most hilarious guy. We love him more every blessed day he is with us ...

Happy birthday to all his siblings Kenzo, Tilda, Lykke, Senja, Daisy & Frida